Friday, October 20, 2006

The quickest long week

Since getting home from Winnipeg last Sunday night, I can't believe how quickly last week has gone...all five work days of it. I even missed one evening because I layed down when you went to bed then woke up in the morning still wearing my jeans! This weekend, while always too short, was good and filled with groceries and a trip to the swimming pool and tonight to DQ for ice cream.

Our Winnipeg trip was good. That was definitely the longest you've spent sitting EVER. And you did awesome! It was a little dodgy at first. You wanted to sleep, but couldn't bring yourself to relax. We bought some new DVDs for the trip to fill time between colouring and reading books, but you got hooked on Elmo's World, one of the ones we bought when we went down to Minot in June. Anyway, 6 and a half hours after we left home, we arrived in Winnipeg at cousin Kim's house where we finally met cousin baby Isabella. What a sweet baby. And solid. You currently only weigh just over a pound more than her! We all got acquainted while you had no problem getting into all of their things. After a good meal of Chinese food, everyone relaxed and got ready to go out to Trevor's CD release party. Well, everyone but mom and you and Isabella. You had a bath and read books before falling asleep within a couple minutes of laying down.

Saturday was a lovely day. We got up nice and early and took it pretty easy in the morning. You kissed and nuzzled Isabella once in a while as you played. Dad took pictures of you running around with only your diaper. You and Isabella got some pictures taken. (You and Isabella will have A LOT of pictures, just like cousin Kim and I have since we were born.) It was a nice, easygoing morning. Since it was so nice out, we decided to spend the afternoon at the Forks. We walked around a bit and ended up down by the water. You were walking around when you approached the edge of the water, got down on your knees and proceeded to turn around to climb into the river! Huh? Whatever made you think that that was a good idea is so beyond me. We quickly scooped you up and found a grassy area about 30 stairs above water level where you could run around with less imminent danger. You, me, Dad, Kim, Mario, Isabella and Skokey enjoyed hot chocolate on the steps under the white, bright sun. You were getting a little owly from lack of a nap, so we thought it was time to go over to Uncle Terry and Auntie Brenda's house for a ghoulish supper. Nana and Auntie Brenda spent the afternoon decorating for Halloween and it really paid off. There were singing and dancing creatures everywhere and rubber bugs that you tried to amputate. Between handfuls of bugles and caramel kisses, you waved at Uncle Terry and Trevor through the window to the kitchen. You were actually very secure and comfortable with all the relatives all weekend which was nice that you didn't feel the need to cling to me. So being sleep-deprived all day, you fell asleep in my arms just after supper - at 6:15. When we went back to Kim and Mario's a couple hours later, you had a harder time falling asleep so I layed down with you and never got back up.

Of course, we paid the price for you going to bed so early by waking up at 5 a.m. Luckily it was 6 their time and cousin Kim was up, so we went upstairs and visited. Isabella got up shortly thereafter and we all hung out. Auntie Brenda and Uncle Terry brought Nana over so that they could send us off with a big breakfast, but you couldn't make it to breakfast and passed out in my arms and slept on the couch for a whopping 40 minutes before Auntie Brenda let out a loud holler, signalling that it was time for us to go. So we went on the long ride home, making it back at 5:30. All in all it was good, just too much car time. Next time, the Pereiras will have to visit us.

Good, got that out. Not too much else to say. Just that you are so sweet. We lounged on your Dora couch this afternoon, holding hands and watching new Elmo's World episodes that you and your dad bought on Friday when he stayed home with you. It's cold out now so we don't get out much these days. Today looked beautiful and sunny but barely teetered above 0. It doesn't help that you hate putting on your winter coat and mitts. You missed swimming lessons on Thursday because you and Nana layed down and slept for two hours in the morning and then another 1.5 hours in the afternoon. You slept good for your dad on Friday too. Cutting out your morning nap isn't working. You get so tired by 10:30 or 11 that you usually just pass out, so we'll hold off a while until you're more ready. You're still eating pretty good. You had trout and rice last night and again for lunch today and then we had stew tonight which was mostly exciting because it had carrots in it. It's still hit and miss though with most foods. One day if you devour yogurt, you will not even look at it again for more than a month. Needless to say, we have a lot of different food in the cupboard and the freezer with only a bit of it eaten. Oh well. Halloween is coming up and your dad has been sharing his chocolate bars with you. Okay, so have I. (This will be one of the many things you will be highly critical of us when you get older...just like I do with my mom!) It'll be fun to dress you up and maybe take you trick or treating to a few houses. Until then...

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