Sunday, October 01, 2006


Well, you're getting to be a little talker. You've been imitating a lot of words we say to you, like cheese and hello but yesterday you said dek-a-boo (obviously while playing peek-a-boo) to Grandma and Dad. Quite impressive, little girl. Grandma and Grandpa came for a short visit, but you packed a lot of park action into that time. Me and your dad even went out for supper - for sushi, alone, not rushed - while your grandparents played with you, bathed you and put you to bed! How nice is that? Then today, they took you to the park (where else?) while we dug up thes rest of the carrots and potatoes from the garden. Oh, and lucky you - Grandma and Grandpa brought you Elmo TMX. Oh. my. goodness. He's insane. I can't imagine the engineering that went into making him do what he does... You were pretty leery of the little red spaz at first, but warmed up fairly quickly. Now he's good for a hug and lugging around, even though he's very heavy.

Again this weekend (today) we got some really nice pictures of you. Some in the tub after you peed on the kitchen floor - twice, then later downstairs on the carpet, then again at supper on your booster seat - some neat ones of you while you were napping this afternoon and a bunch in the park at the end of the street towards the university. Speaking of your naps, we skipped the morning nap the last three days and you seem to have done really well with a 2 - 2.75 hour nap in the afternoons.

The rest of the weekend was good, too. Friday after supper we went to Dairy Queen for ice cream. You shared my sundae and Dad's pumpkin pie blizzard - and we still had time to hit the park before bathtime! Saturday morning we were up early and at Smitty's by 8. You shared my ham, but that's about all you ate. Then we headed to the Farmer's Market and bought three purple carrots (which left a purple drool trail down your chin when you ate them today). Then we went to Cornwall Centre just before the stores opened so you could walk around. You love walking around stores and places like that. You sat on the stairs by Sears/SaskTel and just stood UP then DOWN and all over again and again and were very proud. When the stores did open, we went to Claire's or the other one that's like it and you tried on hats and sunglasses and looked at barettes. You liked HMV, especially the Pooh calendar and picking up CDs and bringing them to us and us not being able to find where to put them back... And you (and Dad) must have looked so cute that the Telus lady gave you bunny and parrot sticker sheets to bring home while I was buying a belt. It's really fun bumming around with you. Dad and I haven't done that in ages. Mostly since you wouldn't put up with it before. Luckily, we get to do all sorts of fun things with you now.

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