Friday, August 18, 2006

Tough transition

Hey kiddo. It's been a different week to say the least. I went back to work on Tuesday and you did well. You didn't cry when I left and you were VERY good for your dad, even though Skye prevented you from having an afternoon nap. And oh, the hugs and smiles and love you gave me when I came home at lunch and after work. Day 2 was a little harder with more tears, but you again were good and napped well. Day 3 you caught on to what was going on and were quite upset everytime I tried to separate myself from you to get ready. I could even hear you howling as I drove away. Still, you napped for an hour and a half in the morning and almost three hours in the afternoon. But when I came home that day, you were stuck on my like you couldn't bear to be apart any longer. Fortunately I am home today - and the next two days. (But I hurt from you clinging to me all night...) Despite the tough transition, you have really excelled at becoming a toddler. You can play pat-a-cake with all the actions (even though you could do itsy-bitsy spider before), you say 'ahhhhh' after taking a drink, you can fill up containers in the tub and pour them on yourself, you can put on your hat (and identify your hair and hat), you can understand almost everything we say, and you call Skye by patting the bed/couch and panting like a puppy.

Right now you are sleeping. I went to bed with you last night and then you even let me sleep in until 8 when you got up at 6:45 with your dad. This working thing sure takes a lot out of both of us. On a really good note, though, your daddy really appreciates spending this time with you (without mommy around to cling to). Thanks for being such a good girl.

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