Thursday, August 10, 2006

So very proud

Well, wee one. You are a walker. A walker who can turn around while walking and walk NOT towards me or dad. Very impressive. We have been practising quite a bit, though. Especially to show off at your very first Hood family reunion where you were very popular, by the way. You also became a telephone talker last week. You pick up the phone, the remote, pens and other such household items and put them to your ear to talk. Most of the time, you'd rather I spoke, but you will chat if in a very good mood. I got a terrific video of you answering the phone after it rang the other day. Unfortunately, you really want me to answer the phone everytime it rings and most of the time, it's a telemarketer and we try to stay far from the phone in those instances, but it's adorable that you really get it. Oh, something else you've been doing that is SO sweet is holding both your hands palms-up and saying 'enh?' That's how you ask questions - until you get the ability to speak in sentences. You are learning constantly so it could be any day now... Actually, you can identify A LOT of things with your pointing finger. Like Mom, Dad, Nana, puppy (Skye), radio, fan, owl, Scuffy, your shoes and hat, but especially every light in every room everywhere we go. We sometimes can't believe your a little human being that will grow to know so much more soon.

In other news, we've been to your first feeding therapy session. It went well. Better than maybe it should have... You ate (tried) everything we brought for you including a quesadilla, peas, corn, cookies, yogurt and a pork/apple/veggie casserole. Of course, I was told to bring you hungry so you hadn't eaten anything since before you got out of bed that morning and you didn't eat enough quantity to constitute a meal, but it was a start. You've been a lot more open to food, even opening your mouth for bites! You ate pretty good at the reunion, too - macaroni salad, noodle salad, taco salad, hot dog, watermelon and of course, lots of ice cream. So good job. Hopefully you'll enjoy your birthday cake on Sunday - I promise to add a side of ice cream with it!

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