Thursday, August 24, 2006

The happiest baby on the block

That's you! Holy cow, has your personality ever blossomed this week. You are suddenly funny, find your dad and me hilarious, giggle at nothing, and love being tickled. The most joyous squeals vibrate from your little body, as well as many new sounds. Sometimes we think you're just going to blurt out complete sentences.

You have also been climbing - EVERYTHING. The bookshelf, my legs, the end table, onto the couch and bed, up the dining room chair (down the chair to eat the food you've flung to the floor), and even up walls. You just never seem to stop - or even slow down. Walking alone is more favourable than crawling now in little Frankenbaby movements. Sometimes you surprise me because all of a sudden you be RIGHT THERE when just a second earlier you were across the room. Your new found confidence is so apparent.

You are also a little show-off. You crouch down to then jump up and show everyone how big you are, all with a huge, proud smile looking for praise. You and your dad came downtown for lunch yesterday. When daddy was paying, we went out into the mall where you were in your glory. There were people everywhere and you flashed your big, fake, gorgeous smile to almost everyone whose eye you could catch. Gone are the days when someone's glance could bring you to tears in less than two seconds!

My favourite is how happy you are when I come home from work. I am so excited when I see you sitting or standing in the window, waiting. The giant smile on your face just melts my heart. And oh, the hugs. You give the best hugs. You are the reason I hurry home everyday.

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