Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mama's little gardener

How does Elmo's garden grow? First he tills the soil just so... Well, Elmo is ahead of us getting his hands dirty, but we're not far behind. We planted the front flower bed a couple weekends ago and bought all the vegetable plants and misc. other ones for the back bed, but it's been rainy and chilly for about a week so we haven't gotten them in yet. Lily loves being outside. When we walk around the house, we inevitably end up at either the front or back door. She reaches up for the door knob - smart baby - and we at least peek outside. We caught about a half hour of partly sunny skies yesterday so that Lily could inspect the dirt. She had tried to play in the back flower bed, but isn't tall enough to get her hands in there. Unlike the front one where she can pluck the blossoms from the flowering impatiens and begonias...

Lily also is very fascinated with Oakey the little oak tree - who was our baby before Lily came along - but she's still learning to 'be nice' and not pluck his gorgeous leaves off.

It's so nice to see her enjoying mucking in the dirt so much. Maybe she'll take after her mama.

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