Saturday, March 17, 2012

She wins a prize!

After art class week in a completely unrelated event, Lily and I were walking down the hall at school to retrieve her boots when we walked past her winter picture. They'd been hanging on the wall for a couple weeks, but apparently they'd been judged that day and Lily won second prize! Her prize was a 36 set of coloured pencils, including lots of metallic colours! She wouldn't pose beside her picture, so I finally just got her to pose with her pencil crayons.

In other happenings, yesterday was report card day. We told Lily we'd take her out for supper if she did well – and if she didn't, she'd have to make us supper and clean the house this weekend. When we picked the kids up from the sitter, she eagerly waited for me to read her report card, asking "Did I do good? Can we go for supper?" And of course she did good. Improved a couple 3s to now be 4s, which is what they rate out of, and she has many more 4s than 3s so she's at the top of her game for the most part. Her French reading and comprehension is at a 3, whatever that means. In English, she can read almost anything proficiently. I'm so impressed at her development over the course of this past school year. Unfortunately, I have to hide things that I don't want her to read now. And we can't spell things we don't want her to understand, but I suppose that doesn't last forever...

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