Saturday, March 17, 2012


Finn's speech has improved a lot this past week with a lot more sentences. Today he said, "I go in, too." It was the "too" part that surprised me. And even before this week, he'd just say "in" and nothing more complex. Of course, there are still things he just whines in one long word. Mostly it's been "outsiiiide" this week. But here are some other thing I can think of off-hand:
  • "biPad" became "iPad"
  • "Put on boots."
  • "Finn throw ball."
  • "No, Mommy push." On the swing.
  • "No, Mommy do it."
  • "No, Lily. Stop it." 
  • "Sit down."
  • "Change my bum."
  • He sang Twinkle, Twinkle using only the word Mom.
And here's where I just upload a really adorable pic of him in his new awesome shades. Ah, I could just eat him up.

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