Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Back to it

Happy new year. It's funny to look back upon the previous year, but every January it's time to do just that and then rate it. Kinda. And overall I'd rate it as one I hope we never have again. You, my sweet, were wonderful and grew and matured and learned and delighted, but of all the major events, most were stressful and sad. If we could just go a year - or more realistically - even six months without stepping foot in the hospital, especially the ER, I would be thrilled. I know we can't control Nana's health, I just long for a little stability in that department...

But it's also time to start anew. To work on our shortfalls - like extending patience and controlling tempers. To relax, focus on the positive and all the wonderful things we do have. And to just enjoy it all despite the pressure to go, go, go. And with that, I'll likely not be posting as often as evidenced in the last couple months. I've got an incessant nagging to make, make, make. I want to sew, I want to do some printmaking, I want to doodle, draw, cover a couple canvases that are sitting nearby, maybe even some papercutting. But all in my spare time, after you've gone to bed. And when I'm done, I'll scoop you out of your bed and take you into mine. Squished in between you and Dad, a nice way to spend the winter.

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Jean said...

You are a wise Mom. You carry a big load with helping your Mom and it is appreciated. I too hope for a better year for her. I love reading your updates but time for you is important, that is your time of recovery and refreshment. As for temper tantrums, who ever is having them lets hope you grow out of those this year.

Cheers to a great new year!