Thursday, December 04, 2008

Hard work

Last Friday, Nana offered to babysit you which you jumped at the opportunity to not go to the babysitter as normal. You guys had a wonderful day and in turn, you were an absolute delight at night. We hadn't seen this lovely side of you since Nana began home dialysis and was unable to babysit you during the days anymore, about a month ago now.

That night, Dad asked you if you'd had a good day. You said yes. Then he asked you what was so hard about going to Amy's. You thought about it for a minute and said, "Ummm, it's hard playing all day." Then we totally understood. At Amy's, there were four other kids who expected to play with you all the time and it was hard to keep up. With Nana, you could set the pace and Nana would play whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted.

Today, Nana offered to babysit again. Today, though, you had big plans. After taking you to your first real hairdresser haircut, Nana wanted to take you for lunch and then to the mall to see Santa. She said you were so good, sitting nice for the hairdresser while she trimmed up your bangs and took 2-3" off your long, gorgeous locks. Then you ate most all of your lunch at McDonald's, even though Playland was closed. And you even sat nicely on Santa's knee and got your picture taken as a present to me. While I haven't seen or talked to you yet as I went out after work and you're now fast asleep, I'm sure you'll only have the sweetest things to say about your day.

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