Thursday, December 04, 2008

The girl who stole Christmas

A few nights ago, I told you a story in the dark about a little girl who woke up on xmas morning and there were no presents. Her mom and dad didn't have enough money to buy presents or food to have a nice xmas.

You chimed in right away with, "yeah, that girl took my big Santa present and I was really mad." I said, no, nobody took any of your presents but you insisted. "Yeahhhh, the girl took it from me." I went on to say that maybe we should buy that little girl a present so she would be happy on xmas morning. You agreed.

The next night we went to Wal-Mart and you picked out a toy for 'that girl.' You picked out a Littlest Pet Shop set and said, "Now that girl won't take my presents."

Right. Now that we've distracted this poor, little less-fortunate girl with a small present, she totally won't take your big Santa present. Or so your theory went.

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