Monday, August 20, 2007

A Week in Pictures

We, especially you, had a great time at the folk fest. Of course Creeson was there and there were a bunch of other kids to keep you busy and practicing your social skills.

Your birthday party was good just because you were impressed with getting all of the attention shined solely on you. We opened presents, ordered in pizza and had cake with Nana, Nigel and Jessica. Short and sweet and left us enough time to pack.

On Monday, Aug. 13 we left for on the first leg of our first real family road trip. Here are you and your dad on the side of the highway where we stopped for a diaper change and pee break.

We made it to Medicine Hat and spent the afternoon at Echo Dale regional park. I spent a lot of summer time out there with Dan when we were in college, mostly during drawing class. You enjoyed the petting farm.

On Tuesday, we got into Calgary, hit IKEA to buy you a tent and a train set and Dad caught a little nap before we went to Dan and Chad's for supper.

Here's you, me and Dan. We had supper and drinks and you played with their kitty, Mikka. She was a fiesty little thing. You had lots of fun and were quite independent considering you'd never been to their house before.

On Wednesday, we met Dan for brunch before heading out to Banff for the day. You've been talking about mountains so much, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to go with it being only an hour away. It was beautiful - even though the main street was dug up and that made the sidewalks a little hectic.

Still in Banff. The best picture of the whole trip in my opinion.

To cushion the blow of the endless shopping we seemed to do, you got to ride the merry-go-round at Chinook Centre. Twice. The second time after you ate a good lunch because we told you "the lady" said you had to eat lots if you wanted to ride the horsies again.

IKEA. Where we spent most of our time in Calgary. It wouldn't have been so hard on you had you not come down with THE WORST COLD IN THE UNIVERSE on Thursday. Lots of frozen yogurt cones and hot dogs. Right up your alley.

The hot tub in Medicine Hat. We got back there on Friday. By then you'd had it. You wouldn't even get in your car seat so we had to walk to a restaurant for supper. You'd been in so many restaurants that you even asked the server for your own booster seat. Again, you ate lots so that we could swim all night. You are such a super swimmer and so independent; jumping in by yourself and swimming away from us. You'd think those were magical water wings.

The long stretch home. We couldn't get you buckled in after we stopped for won ton soup in Swift Current. Playing with my glasses while dad put on a puppet show seemed to help. You were (and are) so happy to be home.

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