Wednesday, August 22, 2007


You turned two and I think it is more than mere coincidence that you are suddenly now terrible. This morning was the worst. Every second Wednesday is cleaning day so we have to pack you up and take you to Nana's house. Once every two weeks. Only one time in 14 days. But this morning you would have none of it. None. You've been doing this thing where you scream bloody murder if we try to place you in your car seat. Even if we get the top buckle done up, you squirm around until you have actually hung yourself and we have to pull you up so you stop choking. It's that nice.

You started doing this in Calgary when you were 2 years + 2 days old. It took us over 45 minutes to get you calm enough to buckle you in and go. We just didn't haven't that time this morning as both your dad and I needed to get to work. So, we canceled the cleaners and called Nana to haul herself over as soon as she could. And you still cried. You layed in my lap on the couch and whimpered. When Nana showed up, I told you I had to go work which brought on more tears while you shook your head. Until I said, "Do you and Nana want to play playdough?" And your mood perked up, and you got excited and after I got the playdough, you said, "Bye bye, mommy." And you were apparently really good for the rest of the day. If I'd only thought of bribing you with playdough earlier...

Another way you've been using your new two-ness is by telling us what to do. If your dad and I are having a conversation, you'll pipe up, wag your finger and say, "No, no, no, daddy! Stop talking mommy." Or if dad asks for a kiss, you say, "No. Kiss mommy." It's really quite adorable watching you assert yourself.

And something I just noticed the other day after spotting it in our holiday photos is that you have a sweet little beauty spot right in the middle of your right cheek. It's cute - as is the rest of you.

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