Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Unachieved goals

Self-portrait. Lily Julia Anderson. July 20, 2007. 23 months old.

Well, apparently I am never going to have time to post an Atlanta story. I did start writing it, but alas, it will never finish. I am burnt out from the crazy, busy madness at work, from the scorching heat and unbelievable humidity, and from sitting in the house in front of the computer. It's just not going to happen and I need to move on to other things...like thinking about the 18 days I will not be at work in August. Think about your upcoming birthday. Think about going to the folk fest. About the garden. Important summer things.

You insisted that you couldn't leave the house without your sunglasses and purse. Just like mommy - which you call me now instead of mama.

But I have uploaded a bunch of pictures to the Flickr site. At least the rest of the Atlanta ones including the fun times at the Olympic Park fountains and the Children's museum. (And some of my conference photos.) I suppose the pictures will tell the story so check 'em out here.

And before I go plop down on the couch with a magazine, I have to say how wonderful and smart and dramatic you are becoming. You are a girl who knows what she wants and loves to tell us all about it. You know words and concepts I thought would escape a 23 month old girl. Last night Dad asked you to say the letter "W" and you said double-ya-ya. Ya-ya is how you say Lily (because those L's are pretty tricky). Get it? Double-you. You is Lily. You have also gotten pretty sweet on Dada so he's enjoying that. And we just enjoy you more and more everyday. Especially when we come home from work and you are in the window jumping madly up and down and waving your arms with excitement to see us. Pretty terrific.

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