Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lily's 8th Birthday!

It was terrific scientific party this year. Lily wanted a science experiment party, so we delivered. A choice group of scientists, complete with personalized security badges, gained unrestricted access to the birthday laboratory. Then the fun – and learning – began.
Even Finn needed access to the great meeting of the scientific minds.
Experiment 1 – Sandwich bag bombs
Experiement 2 – Elephant toothpaste...just kept expanding and expanding.
Experiment 4 – Tie-dye milk
Experiment 5 – Goop
Experiment 6 – Frankenstein's hand
Experiment 7 – Mentos in Diet Coke

The day was a success. The weather cooperated, she got some great presents (including some earrings from her BFF) and there was cake and root beer floats. It couldn't get much better.

Happy 8th Birthday, Lily!

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