Saturday, March 30, 2013

New addition

You usually don't get a new sibling when you're 35...unless, of course, you're one of Larry King's older children. I'm not a King, but I did score a new sister.

On March 4th, I sent my sister Carolyn, who was given up for adoption, an email. The next day she replied. Two weeks of daily (or more) emails and pictures back and forth and then she called me. Our first phone call lasted five hours – at night, and I had to work the next day. But it was worth it. Our conversations are easy, at ease. We've got some things in common! We talk about what we look like, what our personalities are like, what we think about things and about our kids. We've chatted three times since that first call, for many hours. I think of her constantly and if we're not talking, I'm sending her emails.

I've known about Carolyn since 2003 when she first tried to contact us. The timing was bad, so we vetoed her contact, but I sent her a letter at that time with my veto to let her know why timing was bad and that maybe in the future...

Carolyn is 13 months older than me, but she's shorter. She's married and has three kids. Jack, who will be 10 in June, has red hair. Julia is 9 days older than my Lily Julia and they're half an inch apart in height. Little Kate will be 5 in June.

It's all very exciting. Very emotional. Very crazy. We've even made plans to meet in May. Alone. Which means I have just over a month to get Lily used to the idea that we'll be apart... Everyone should send their best wishes and good luck to Chris.

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