Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Deep breath

Chris works with a guy that sits maybe four feet from him. We drive by their house on the way to and from the sitter every day. After work yesterday, Chris was telling me about a fundraiser account that was set up to help him and his family out. He's been away from work for the last month because his 7-year-old son went from normal to needing a liver transplant within weeks. He, his wife and son are in Edmonton now...desperately waiting while their younger son is still here in Regina. Anyway, I just can't stop thinking about them, especially after reading this article about them last night. And I can't help but be overtaken with this crushing empathy. And then I squeeze my kids a little tighter.

UPDATE: The boy and his mom, who donated a portion of her liver to him, went into surgery a couple days after I posted this. Right now, they're doing fairly well...considering.

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