Sunday, August 14, 2011

Six years old

Happy birthday, Lily! On Saturday, Aug. 13th you turned six years old. As soon as you woke up, you were excited to open the presents from us and Finn. We got you an overnight bag full of clothes (for both you and your Barbie-type dolls) and a glitter tattoo kit. Finn got you a Fur Real puppy whom you immediately named Popcorn after a white puppy in an old book of Uncle Nigel's. While you loved the clothes, you were enamoured by this little pup. She's your new best buddy (when Carly's not around) who barks and walks and whines.

We had a party that afternoon to celebrate and there were a whopping seven kids, having invited a couple more than we thought would come due to summer holidays and such. This year's theme was ice cream so we had some ice cream-related games and other outside water-related games to keep everyone busy until it was time to build our own sundaes. Everyone ate lots. Finn ate his waffle bowl before Dad could even get ice cream into it. The worst part was that you burned your finger on the sparkler after it burned out. Ouch. And then there were the presents. Everyone was getting a little over-excited and wanted you to open their present first. You put an end to that when you told them to relax - it didn't matter whose got opened next - they would all get opened. It was a good day that we ended in supper at Dairy Queen upon your special request.

Over the next few days, you would look in the mirror and note how you look more grown up. That your eyes have changed shape and how your face isn't as chubby. It's true. Sometimes we look at you and can't believe how much you've grown and changed. Sometimes - sigh -  you look and act much older than your six years. The other day, you felt something different in your mouth and asked me to take a peek. There, at the back on your right-hand side, was a little slit in your gums and a molar was peeking out. Over and over again, it's these little things that end up making you big.
Unlike your birthday, there are some days when nothing goes your way and you collapse into a heap of screams and tears - up to eight times in a single day. (We'll be well practiced for when you become a teenager.) A lot of your misery hinges on whether we let you play with Carly or not and if you can hinges on your behaviour. 99% of the time when you're not sleeping or eating, you and Carly are playing. You both have big, grand plans that usually involve me doing some sort of work for you, like your grand lemonade stand that made $27 in June, but mostly you'd both just be happy to go to the park. It's nice that you have a best friend that lives only footsteps away and right now, it's always the highlight of your day.

On our work days when you are at daycare, you are happy to spend those entire days with Carly and barely even see or notice what Finn spends his time doing. We couldn't have been luckier to find the same sitter as Carly and her little brother, Jack. The summer there has been full of sun and fun, walks to the park, a few field trips on the bus and exposure to movies on Netflix that we never would have thought of. Like Annie. I think you watched it three times in one week.

On the Tuesdays and Thursdays when it's just you, me and Finn, your expectations are happily lowered. You draw and write stories - and complain about no one pushing you on the swings or jumping with you on the trampoline. I love watching what you create and above all, I am amazed how well you sound things out when you spell them and how well you can read. Everywhere we go, you read signs. We're super proud that you just picked it all up on your own, too.

Cheers to being six. We're so excited to see where this year will take you.

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