Sunday, July 10, 2011

A little getaway

It felt like it'd been a while since we left home and we needed to get away so we went to Medicine Hat for the Canada Day long weekend. Medicine Hat is a really beautiful city and having lived there for three years, Chris and I know it well. It's far enough, but not too far. Our other go-to city, Minot, North Dakota, was ravaged by up-to-the-rooftop flooding so that was out - even though they do have better waterslides and a zoo.

Just driving around the Hat is fun for us, seeing what's new, what's changed. Lily is in awe of the views from the hills or in the valleys, constanting citing how pretty everything looks. When you come from flat Regina, even a slight change in elevation is a treat!

There was lots of swimming and watersliding. Finn even liked the waterslide, pointing to go up with Daddy everytime he left to go up the winding spiral staircase. We hit a few school parks so Lily could try out some new monkey bars, her latest and greatest skill. While Chris and Lily swam, Finn and I took an early morning walk through the nearby cemetery where we saw an unshaken deer only a row away. We spent another early morning out at Echo Dale farm, then the rest of the morning and early afternoon picnicking, playing at the park, digging in the sand with some new friends, playing in the little lake and napping at the regional park part of Echo Dale. (So pretty and my favourite thing about Medicine Hat having spent many long summer days there with my friend, Dan, while we were in college.) We spent another morning at the Medalta pottery factory which was much cooler than we thought it would be. The afternoon was consumed by going to the theatre at the mall to see Cars 2 in 3-D. We ended our fun by getting the kids ice cream from Tino's, a popular local burger drive-through that looked like a little brick castle.

On Monday, we hit the road after breakfast. We stopped briefly in Swift Current to visit Auntie Sharon who just moved there a couple days earlier for perhaps her last 2-year term as a minister in one of their United churches. Then it was home to see if we had escaped hail damage from a wicked storm the night before. (We had, surprisingly.)

It was nice to come home.

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