Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Obviously I had too much free time before because since the day I went back to work, April 25, I have had little to no time to write about my big beautiful kids. And oh, how they can change even in a month. Lily's reading and walking to school by herself. Finn is a full-blown toddler, always on the go.

Work hasn't been the easiest. I'm constantly torn about not accomplishing enough when I am there. The days I am home go by so fast, it doesn't even feel like I've missed a day of work in between. But the feeling that I can only be really good at one thing isn't as true as I thought it was in my first couple weeks back. I still believe I can only really excel as a mother or a graphic designer and that splitting my time between the two (and still neglecting Chris) makes me mediocre at both, but it's better for right now. And even though right now is all I care about, I know it won't last. (Some day our kids won't want to hang out with us and we will have time to clean the house or watch a movie.)

So until I can compose some real stories about Finn and Lily, check out our Flickr pictures which are quicker and easier (and cuter) to post that actual words.

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