Friday, April 08, 2011

Six second cousins and other family gatherings

We're very lucky that our cousins are having kids at the same time as us because our siblings sure aren't...won't be...some may not at all. When Kim called me up a couple Fridays ago and asked if we were around the following Monday and Tuesday, of course we were. (Ah, the joys of not being at work.) She had spring break from school and thought it'd be good to get away for a couple days, so she and her friend brought their kids to Regina for a little vacation.

We had supper at our house the first night. Invited Heather, Colin, Keira and Zander as Kim and Heather haven't seen each other in probably ten years. Having that many kids running around was both hilarious and crazy all at the same time. Oh, and adorable. Too adorable.

Anyway, the second day Kim and her crew came for lunch, Isabella and I picked Lily up from school and later on in the afternoon, we hit their hotel for waterslides and pizza (of which I have no photos of as my battery died at that exact moment). It was great fun, though Lily came close to drowning a couple times...

The following Saturday, Heather had us over for lunch and for a little visit with Warren and Jean who were in town for the weekend.

Then that afternoon, Auntie Norma and Nana came over to visit. She and Finn played garbage can, his fave activity these days.

Always fun when people come to visit!

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