Thursday, February 04, 2010

Happiness to my ears

For the past few mornings, you've been telling me that you're tired, you want to go back to sleep. And hey, don't we wish we all could? Of course, as soon as we get up (and even in the moments before when we're get waking and easing toward the edge of the bed), you can sense the absence of Mommy's body and wake without fail. Of course, you sleep with some part of your usually naked body pressed up against my growing belly, which can't seem to stay covered anymore, so the sudden chill may be making the difference.

Anyway, your sudden urge to sleep in past 7 a.m. comes on the cusp of this baby popping out and me/us not sleeping again for a very long time - which you remind me of very often when you rehash your own babyhood based on my grueling accounts. "Da baby's gonna eat all night long and Mommy will be so tired because she won't sleep at night anymore." And you did eat a lot (as eventually evidenced by lots of juicy thigh rolls). That was the main part I wasn't prepared for when you were a baby. But as soon as I figured out that newborns can, in fact, move by way of wiggling to an exposed boob, I slept through most nights (except for a few side switches/turns) - even if you didn't.

So while I worry at times about the harsh reality of having a newborn, mostly I'm just very excited for you to meet your brother. Even moreso than meeting him myself. Our days are filled with talking about how things will be, the things we'll do, how you'll help me, how big he's getting every day, and how cute you think he's going to be. I've sewn you a sling to carry around your baby while I carry around ours in my new sling. You hung all of his new clothes in his closet. You want to take baths with him. And today while I was taking you to school, you told me that we can take turns carrying him. Your focus has really been on this baby coming, which thankfully plays up your existing obsession with babies. This morning you found this trailer on Front Row and were showing it to Nana. You were thoroughly enamored by everything the babies did, even if they were doing nothing. Your enthusiasm is truly contagious. Now let's have a nap.

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