Thursday, October 22, 2009


We were stripping you down to put on your pajamas last Wednesday night when we saw something quite curious on your torso. While there weren't many, maybe a dozen, it looked like it could be only one thing - chicken pox! In an age where all kids are immunized against the spots, we were quite surprised so we kept you home from school on Thursday and took you to the doctor. One look at the then quadrupled spots, he said, "Yes, those are chicken pox." And that was that. Keep you home until they all scabbed over.

"Nana, I have chicken spots," you told her when we got home.

But you weren't even that uncomfortable and your energy was boundless, jumping and posing incessantly in your Halloween costume. By Tuesday, they'd all but disappeared as quickly as they arrived so you were back at Amy's yesterday. And school today, just in time for orange day and to pick up your school pictures!

Awww, your first school picture. Too cute.

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