Friday, March 13, 2009

All or nothing

It's been a pretty terrible week, maybe a couple weeks even, but you are always the bright spot. For the most part, you are helpful and listen well. Last night after you finished eating your three yorkshire puddings with gravy for supper (and slicing a few baby carrots with your knife), you fawned over me like you do telling me how I am the best. I fondly reciprocate.

Then you turned to your dad and said, "You're not the best - but I still love you."

And hey, this is a huge step. Before it was all, 'if I love Mom, I don't love anybody else' and 'if Mom's the best, everyone else is undeserving of my affections.' This is good and I'm sure your dad will really appreciate it.

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Jean said...

Good for you Lily! Mom's are important but so are Dad's. I am sorry to hear that your house is having a terrible time. I hope it gets better.
Auntie Jean