Sunday, November 02, 2008

Ohhhhh, it's over?

Your costume? Why, it's Slippers, the cat from next door. (Actually 'Slippers' just started wearing a nametag that says 'Oreo' but we know who you're dressed up as.)

Your reaction on Saturday when we told you it wasn't Halloween anymore was less than enthusiastic. After all the things we'd done in advance of this one special day... You were downright sad because the whole Halloween day had been so perfect.

Even though Dad was home with you on Friday, Amy asked if you could come over for a couple hours in the morning for a little Halloween costume party. So, Dad turned you into a kitty and took you over to mingle with Davy Crockett, a horse, a tiger and a flower. When I got home at lunch, there was so much candy in a giant pile on the floor, I couldn't believe you'd brought it all home with you. Even more exciting, you told me you had brain pizza and bogeyman punch. Spooky stuff!

After lunch you and Dad (mostly just Dad) carved a pumpkin, Grandma and Grandpa showed up for the weekend and then Creeson and his mom popped over with treats! We squeezed in a big meal of perogies and sausage (a tradition since I was little), then you, Dad and I hit the sidewalks to trick-or-treat. And oh, how nice it was out - mittens weren't even warranted!

How proud we were that you weren't shy at all. At every house you loudly said, "Tricker treat!" and mostly remembered to say thank-you. Your impatience was comical, too. If the door wasn't answered immediately you would say, "Let's go to a different house." When the man or lady would squat down with the bowl of loot, you would just start taking what you liked and shoving it into your bag. Sometimes they'd ask how many you would like and you'd always say two. We brought home an entire bag full of candy, chips and even play-doh. A very good take.

And next year? You already said you want to be a princess.

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Jean said...

Sounds like a delightfully wonderful time. I agree Halloween should last at least three days! Or better three times a year!!