Sunday, October 05, 2008

Somewhere awesome

For the past few months, each morning when we take you to Amy's or when Nana comes to babysit you insist that you want to go somewhere awesome. It's a last-ditch request as your dad and I are trying to get out the door. Amy usually tells you that you'll go to the park. Nana tells you that you need to get dressed before you can do anything. Until recently, no one has taken you too seriously.

In the past month that Nana's been on dialysis, she's had more energy than in the last couple years. So for the last few Mondays and Wednesdays she's been so good about taking you 'somewhere awesome.' You've gone to the hairdresser when Nana gets her hair washed. You've gone to the dollar store to get Halloween decorations. You've gone to McDonald's playland - somewhere your parents will never take you. You've gone to the donut shop for sprinkle donuts. I tell you often how lucky you are and allude to more outings.

Tonight while we were at Nana's for supper, she said she was ready to take you somewhere awesome tomorrow. You looked at her and said, "I know. Mom already told me." How quickly you get spoiled...

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