Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Easter, little critter!

We have two Easter books. One is Happy Easter, little critter! by Mercer Mayer and the other is The Bunnyhop, a Sesame Street book. Story time before bed is always applicable to the season, so the little critter book has been read almost every night for the past few weeks. So much so that everytime we say "Happy Easter" you throw in "little critter." Like the two just can't be apart.

The lead up to Easter has been almost as exciting as Christmas. You are a candy fiend. Always have been. When we went grocery shopping last week, you took both your dad and I - separately - to oogle over the Easter candy. "Easter Bunny bring dat," you tell us. Fortunately you think that the candy is not available for purchase by common folks like us. That we will have to wait until Easter time.
Last week Auntie Norma came for a visit. And she came bearing some lovely gifts, including some special Easter treats and an egg purse from Auntie Connie and cousin Kelsey. There were large, chocolate eggs you could paint and an Easter bunny M&M filled with, what else, little M&Ms. So it began...

Then Nanny took you Easter shopping for candy coated chocolate eggs, Easter M&Ms, a large Dora the Explorer chocolate figure, a crunchy, chocolate bunny jumping out of a magician's hat AND a bunny each for me and Dad. No, I'm serious - and she left them all at our house. Then you accompanied her to the SALPN office where they gave you a bag of jelly beans. Last night, Uncle Nigel dropped off some Easter mini eggs and a cow and pig that oink and moo. Today, Creeson has put together a little Easter Pooh Bear bag of goodies, with pink jelly beans included! And we haven't even been to Grandma and Grandpa's house yet!

Doesn't leave much for the Easter Bunny to bring. (But I got a tip that she sewed you your Easter basket that you can later use as a little purse. Fancy, eh?)

I have a feeling I'll be making monster cookies with the little M&Ms, maybe even some fancy pancakes. For the rest of it, I can't imagine what we're going to do with it but I'm hoping that we'll pass out in sugar comas before we could possibly eat it all.

Happy Easter, little critter. And happy first day of spring. Yippee!

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