Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Conversations with a two year old

"Dorothy, you have dis teddy bear. Now Lion, you try to take it." Mom, pretending to be Lion, says in a gruff voice, "Why can't I have my own teddy bear?" You contemplate the situation and then say, "Actually, it's my teddy bear." Huh? What 2.5 year old knows the word 'actually'?

As I was getting ready for work, you say "Oh no! Mom, you got a hoe (hole) in yo sock. I'll fix it. Need tape!" Wouldn't that look good? Thanks for looking out for me.

On the discussion of brushing teeth - which is like pulling teeth. Dad says, "You can't eat anymore candy until you brush your teeth. The sugar bugs will rot your teeth." You didn't have to think long before you came up with a way around it, "Eat salt!" you exclaim. And you would, you are that stubborn. And you actually eat salt. And flour as evidenced below.

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